Beautification through Community and Merchant Involvement

Since its inception in 1998, Wayland Beautification (the Wayland Town link is here) has dedicated its efforts to beautifying highly visible areas of Wayland with garden spaces and trees. The garden spaces, which are primarily designed for low maintenance and multi-season interest, are routinely maintained April through October by a core group of volunteers.  Barrels are also planted along the main roads and intersections as well as at the entrances to parks and Town Building. 

The sites for garden spaces are selected to provide enjoyment for both residents and visitors to Wayland.  Hooker’s Green, a large triangular garden located at the intersection of Rt. 20 and Old Connecticut Path, welcomes visitors to Wayland from the east with its colorful combination of perennials and ornamental grasses.  From the west, the entrance to the landfill is enjoyed throughout the year as the roses of summer give way to ornamental grasses and red berries throughout the fall and winter.  A mixed shrub border was planted as a companion to the evergreen holly border at Town Building, creating four seasons of interest with fragrance, fruit, and contrasting foliage.  A vibrant red day-lily garden is located near the Knox monument at Five Paths.

Since there is a strong educational component to Wayland Beautification’s efforts, a demonstration drought tolerant garden was installed at the landfill.  Residents are encouraged to walk through the garden and obtain written information about the benefits of planting a drought tolerant garden as well as a suggested plant list.  This garden has proved useful to the public while encouraging responsible use of our declining water resources.  

A garden space was recently designed and installed at Lokerville Green, the header piece located at the intersection of Rt. 30 and East Plain Street.  As a main entrance to Cochituate, this site deserved and required major enhancement.  Public safety issues were also addressed as sight lines were significantly improved.  We also refurbished a small herb garden at the Wayland Historical Society Grout-Heard House, incorporating medicinal and culinary plants appropriate to the 18th and early 19th century.

Over 50 shade and ornamental trees have been planted by Wayland Beautification, which monitors and waters them until established.  Sites for trees have included such highly visible areas as Hooker’s Green, the landfill, Alpine Field, Adams Lane, the high school and the middle school.  Trees were recently planted at the Town Building and Lokerville Green.

The “Keep Wayland Tidy Campaign” was formed in response to the problem of litter in Wayland.  Members of this subgroup of Wayland Beautification have worked on a multi-faceted approach to keeping the town’s streets and public areas free of litter.

Wayland Beautification receives town funds as well as public donations to support its work.  Major donations from the Wayland Business Association and The Village Bank have been used for plant material and some installation of trees.  Weir Meadow Nursery, Mahoney’s, and Russell’s Garden Center have been extremely generous in donating plant material for the barrels and gardens.  Even with the selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees for sustainability, watering, fertilizing, weeding and mulching consume a substantial part of the budget.  This work, which represents hundreds of hours of labor annually, is primarily done by volunteers and a summertime employee.  Wayland Beautification continues to plan future projects thoughtfully but conservatively.

Membership in Wayland Beautification is by participation.  

Any resident with an interest in joining or helping out is invited to attend informal planning meetings held the first and third Monday each month at 8:15 a.m. in the Wayland Town Building. Volunteers are always needed and are encouraged to attend.

Wayland Beautification is grateful for the tremendous cooperation and support it has received from numerous town departments.  Wayland Beautification is proud of its accomplishments to date and looks forward to continuing to contribute in a meaningful way to the town’s beautification efforts. 

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